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Pioneering new horizons. Convergence between physical and digital worlds has never been so real, disrupting the way clients manage their innovation, and playing a key role in their development.

Companies in all sectors need to accelerate their digital transformation: global leaders must rethink their innovation cycle while speed has become a survival factor to stay ahead of the competition. Industry players and innovators have to embrace connectivity, software and semiconductors to shift towards intelligent industry and ensure a sustainable value chain.

As the world leader in Engineering and R&D services, we help our clients accelerate their journey towards intelligent industry. We bring them global expertise and capabilities, cutting-edge technologies in digital and software, agile engineering platforms, and an industrialized delivery model.

With more than 62,000 engineers and scientists across the globe, we unleash the potential of R&D and innovation to help companies engineer smart products, optimized operations, new customer experiences, and new sources of value.

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New Energy for a growing world

On a planet increasingly confronted with the realities of climate change, finding more sustainable sources of energy is critical. The ITER project, which brings together scientists and experts from around the world, is working to do just that.

    Unlocking value in a Software-driven age

    Software enables products and services to become ‘smart’, connected, and even autonomous. It unlocks performance and capabilities for enterprises. Software also enables new ways to interact delivering personalized and meaningful experiences.

      Are you ready to unleash your organization’s R&D potential ?

      We help the world’s largest innovators engineer the products and services of tomorrow by leveraging our experts, labs, tools, and frameworks across three main expertise domains:

      Products and systems engineering

      – Mechanical and physical engineering
      – Electrical, electronics and semiconductors
      – Systems engineering and product design.

      – Software engineering
      – Connectivity and network engineering
      – Data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

      Industrial operations

      – Manufacturing and process engineering
      – Operations management
      – Product support and service

      Featured case studies

      BUILD: Hyperloop

      The race for superfast travel is underway and Capgemini Engineering is working together with the Zeleros team to develop the scalable hyperloop, a revolutionary ground transport system.

        TRANSFORM: Vodafone

        We were given the opportunity to develop and test applications and services for the Vodafone 5G trial in Milan that exploits the potential of next generation 5G technology.

          ELEVATE: Airbus

          Capgemini and Airbus, a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services, joined hands to develop a robotic arm that allows automation of testing phases on helicopter avionics.

            ACCELERATE: Alstom

            We have built an award-winning Virtual Train solution with Alstom. The Smart Engineering solution leverages Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) for validation of train systems.

              REINVENT: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines

              Keen to help in the fight against COVID-19, we offered our AI and data science expertise pro bono to the LSHTM, collaborating on a new model to track the virus’ reproduction rate around the world.

                REMODEL: SNCF Réseau

                We are partnering with SNCF Réseau, the service provider that manages railway infrastructure in France, to develop the “New Generation Supervision”— an innovative application to optimize the monitoring, maintenance and safety of the lines.

                  What sets us apart

                  With a unique position at the crossing of tech and industries, we bring together the rarest and most highly skilled experts to help clients grow and seize business transformation opportunities at the continuous speed of today’s markets.

                  A dedicated digital engineering and software engineering unit with a unique blend of industry and technology expertise to bring you an unmatched portfolio of digital engineering and software engineering capability including:

                  – Connectivity and networks
                  – Semiconductor
                  – Embedded software
                  – Software engineering

                  We have one of the best-in-class GlobalShore models: a scalable, end-to-end supply chain that integrates client-focused capabilities with the best of remote engineering centers at scale, able to incorporate innovation into industrialized delivery.

                  Our #1 engineering and R&D global end-to-end delivery platform offers:

                  – Accelerated, differentiated and disruptive delivery models
                  – Integrated end to end program management from onsite to offshore, ensuring consistent delivery quality along the project
                  – Strong intimacy with the client organization in their different locations
                  – Streamlining and automation through cross-shore leverage, standards, methods, and tools
                  – Proven quality benefits at scale to meet the speed of fast-changing markets
                  – Unmatched cost advantage combined with industry knowledge.

                  All this, supported by 25,000+ GlobalShore engineers across our global engineering centers.

                  Our research and innovation programs, as well as our partner ecosystem, are business accelerators that help clients with high-intensity R&D to leverage the value of incremental and disruptive technologies.

                  Enabled by investments in assets, accelerators and facilities, and by key partnerships, we offer:

                  Research and innovation (R&I)
                  Our R&I programs are business accelerators that help clients with high-intensity R&D to prove the value of incremental and disruptive technologies by pioneering engagements built around recognizable assets. Clients go further, faster, and to places they would not necessarily go alone.​

                  Network of labs
                  We have over 25 open innovation spaces to gather ecosystems and develop concepts and roadmap to transformation, and over 100 world class labs across  20,000 sqm of delivery facilities: audio, electronic, optics, automotive…

                  Partners and alliances
                  We benefit from a comprehensive set of partnerships covering all aspects of R&D and technology.

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                    Work with us to accelerate your digital transformation.

                    Software product engineering

                    Optimized engineering ops for nuclear

                    Software-driven transformation in automotive

                    Smart factory

                    Intelligent 5G and Edge

                    Data driven R&D, engineering, manufacturing operations

                    Software as a medical device

                        Digital Product Engineering Services Peak Matrix® assessment 2022

                        We were recognized as a leader among 30 engineering service providers for our vision, ability to deliver services successfully and create impact

                        Overall leader in ISG Provider Lens™ for Manufacturing Services

                        We were ranked as a leader in US and Europe in two quadrants

                        Software Product Engineering Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

                        We received the highest position in “Market Impact” category and were named as a top tier Leader by Everest Group

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