LEADING Sustainability

The time for talk is over: We must move from pledges to real action.

The challenges of meeting net zero and achieving the sustainability of our planet are becoming more intense and urgent.
The impact of climate change, shrinking biodiversity, and our inability to live within our planetary boundaries, are all factors that make it increasingly clear that it is time to accelerate our thinking, but more importantly our actions, and move rapidly towards full, timely, inclusive, and at-scale action on the ground. 
Here we share our insights, exploring the broad range of sustainability challenges and potential solutions, including state-of-the-art climate tech, the importance of ESG data, energy for the future, new business models, as well as our innovation roundtables – probing ideas to future-proof an industry.
Throughout, we are focused on ambitious but realistic solutions that leverage the most appropriate climate tech. We are ready to advise, shape, and help organizations to take that leap forward with practical and concrete steps, to ensure that we get the future we all want.

The future starts now.

“a sustainable future is achievable only with deep collaboration with our clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.”

Aiman Ezzat, CEO

Sustainability for our future


    In our international series of conversations with clients and leading thinkers, we discuss how organizations can address specific sector challenges while future-proofing innovation. Swipe for more.


    A sustainable future through new transport, infrastructures, and behavior changes.


    ESG reporting, smart grids, digital transformation and sustainability, and Web3 are amongst the hot topics.


    The need for, and nature of, innovation is changing in the auto industry.

    Consumer products, retail, and distribution

    This industry is at the forefront of many sustainability battles, with victories too, notably in reducing food waste in the value chain.

    Financial services

    Without innovative financial solutions, the transition to a low carbon future will be impossible.

      Climate tech and data: Key enablers


        Creating a balance between two equally important imperatives – the security of affordable energy supply and the fight against climate change.

        World Energy Markets Observatory

        Balancing the fight against climate change with energy security.

        Low-carbon hydrogen

        The path to a greener future.

        Capgemini Research Institute

        Remodeling the future

        Industry execs agree: new energy models are key to survival.

        Capgemini Research Institute

        The tipping point for the energy transition

        What we can expect to see in 2023? Will this year be the tipping point?

        Unlocking the hydrogen age

        Engineering challenges in the hydrogen age.

        Capgemini Engineering

        Burning hydrogen in internal combustion engines

        A smart and affordable option for reduction CO2 emissions.

          New sustainable business models